Hi There,

I’m Becky.

I was born in Australia and raised in the Mediterranean on the beautiful island of Malta for the most part of my life. Since then I have spent different chapters of my life in different parts of Europe and now I live in both Melbourne and Malta at different times of the year!

I started my creative career in advertising and during my travel pursuits I like to believe that photography found me, and I am so glad it did.

Photography gives me this beautiful chance to stop time, to reflect, be grateful and capture the fleeting moments.  It allows me to enter a world that is still and beautiful, where the only expectations set are my own. 

I like my photos to be raw and honest and reflect my documentary fine art style. Less posing, more real, raw and different.

When I’m not behind the lens you’ll find me drinking endless cups of tea, watching documentaries, listening to music, looking at google maps, planning my next travel adventure, writing big goals for myself and spending time with my husband Michael, my son Alexander, family and friends. 

I live by the motto:"Do it with your heart, and the rest will follow."

More importantly though, what’s your story? 

I can’t wait to hear it. 

P.s I’m so glad you’re here. 

Thank you.